Interactive SMS Applications

Mobile Education LLC is a software services technology company whose aim is to develop innovative, real-time, two-way short message service (SMS) based applications. Current capabilities include:

Campus Applications - Working with UNC Wilmington, a number of text message applications have been developed for university students.

Mobile Coupons - Mobile Education launched its mobile coupon service,, in 2008 in the Wilmington area with the goal of expanding the service to other cities.

SMS Scavenger Hunts - DubHunt, an award winning interactive text message based scavenger hunt, was developed as a way to assimilate first-year students on campus. However, DubHunt also has many potential business uses, including high-tech mobile advertising that can be used to generate "buzz" around a new product or promotion and attract and engage potential customers.

Mobile Storage - SMS Locker is a mobile storage application that allows users to store key/value pairs through text messages on a cell phone. Users can store messages in both plaintext or encrypted format in our secure data center and then retrieve the information later, via text message, on their cell phone.

Mobile Voting - Give your customers or audience the ability to vote via text message. The system has a web-based dashboard (requires login) that automatically tallies and displays the results. Vote in competitive events, use as an audience response system, vote for player of the game, and more.

Text Surveys/Polls - uses the latest in cellular and SMS technology to deliver interactive text message surveys and polls to users on a device they always have with them -- their cell phone! Conduct market research, call-to-action campaigns, text elections, media integration, and more.

Mobile Contests - Want to quickly build your database of opted-in individuals? Hold a contest or product giveaway and our system will automatically pick a winner at random.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook 2007 - implements Outlook Mobile Service (OMS), a new feature in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 that allows user to create and send text messages to a mobile device from within Outlook in a manner similar to e-mail messages. By using OMS, messages can be sent both as e-mail messages and as mobile messages to multiple contacts at the same time. Individuals can stay informed when away from their offices because OMS can forward e-mail messages and calendar appointments of choice directly to mobile phones.

Targeted Advertising and Integration with Online Stores - Extend your brand to mobile by having potential customers respond to a call-to-action via text message and our system will send them a unique code that can be used to receive a discount in your online store.