About Us

Mobile Education, LLC is a software services technology company whose aim is to develop innovative,
real-time, two-way short message service (SMS) based applications. Our primary goal is to provide
clients with the capability to send and receive a wide range of mobile phone information services
using bi-directional text messages via common short codes using readily available cell phone and
cellular network technologies.

Mobile Education has established the infrastructure (hardware, software, and network) necessary to
build and deploy advanced SMS applications. Working through an SMS aggregator, Mobile Education provides
clients with access to a multi-carrier common short code to enable inter-operable text messaging for all
well-known mobile operators. This involves linking text messages to specific software applications based
upon a keyword and returning the requested information back to the user's cell phone. After a user has
subscribed for a particular information service, Mobile Education will be able to send text alerts to the
user (e.g., a daily weather forecast might be sent to a subscriber's phone each day).

Mobile Education has been formed with the expressed intent of developing and marketing intellectual
property that is being created by the principal owners in partnership with the University of North Carolina
Wilmington. Most text message technology is already readily available through an application programming
interface (API) and service level agreements with cell phone aggregators. What is missing is the development
of the computing infrastructure and software applications needed to enable real-time information services
tailored specifically towards the higher education community. Mobile Education provides the infrastructure
and interfaces necessary to access and interact with content stored in the database repositories of its clients.

Mobile Education designs, develops, and maintains customized software applications needed to interface with
an SMS aggregator and content providers. Mobile Education also maintains a web-based information portal site
to store registration, authentication, and delivery information.